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Engaging Foster Care Youth is a Course

Engaging Foster Care Youth

Started May 12, 2021

$60 Enroll

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Course Instructors

Marcus Stallworth, MSW & Qur-an Webb, MSW

Course Description


This training designed to increase awareness of those youth who are in the foster care system. The training will bring together the best methods of in-person and virtual education to educate professionals and advocates in the field on this timely topic. The intent is to guide participants through an exploration of strategies intended to engage youth which promote autonomy, a positive sense of self, and a willingness to expand their network of resources and support. This includes complying with counseling and other resources aimed at ensuring their social and emotion needs are being met. Participants will gain an understanding of how to support youth and their foster family as we all work as members if a professional team.

Course Objectives

Participants will understand how the following concepts relate to youth engagement/safety:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Self-awareness
  • Working through Resistance
  • Explain the importance of identifying and establishing Kin/Fictive Kin placements to promote wellbeing in children