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Fatherhood Engagement and Social Connections is a Course

Fatherhood Engagement and Social Connections

Started May 12, 2021

$90 Enroll

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Course Instructors

Marcus Stallworth, MSW & Qur-an Webb, MSW 

Course Description


This training will have a direct impact on the importance of engagement with fathers and father figures. We are trying to change the practice from being “Mother Focused” into the “Full Family Engagement Model," by providing the importance of fatherhood engagement. It is in our hopes that our training will provide information and education and try to eliminate any personal and professional barriers that interfere with father involvement which could ultimately results in benefits and increased success of having fathers, father figures, and paternal relatives involved, which correlates directly to case decision-making practices. This training will also be impactful for fathers and father figures as there will be breakout sessions to provide information on co-parent, engaging mothers as gatekeepers, legal rights on child support and paternity, young fatherhood parenting, and empowering fathers.

Course Objectives

  • Explore Internal (personal) and External (societal) views of the importance of fatherhood
  • Discuss mothers as gatekeepers and provide engagement strategies
  • Discuss the importance of a father’s role in the journey for permanency
  • Examine how fatherlessness impacts the community
  • Look at how systems engage fathers
  • Discuss the benefits of father involvement
  • Discuss strategies on how to engage fathers
  • Discuss how to provide hope to fathers who may be struggling
  • Provide fathers with information and resources