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Mindfulness - A Support when Secondary Trauma Impacts Us is a Course

Mindfulness - A Support when Secondary Trauma Impacts Us


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Course Instructor 

Trinley Busby

Course Description


This presentation will help us first recognize when we are or are not being mindful in our moment to moment experience. Then explore the ways that secondary trauma, the indirect exposure to trauma, can show up in our lives and impact our thinking, feeling, and ways of being. We will then delve into the ways that mindfulness practices can help us build our resilience and support trauma sensitivity. This session is open to all, but it is suggested that participants already have some basic experience practicing and understanding of mindfulness.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify what it feels to be mindful in their embodied experience.
  • List ways that secondary trauma can impact their thinking, feeling, and behaviors.
  • Understand & practice mindfulness-based strategies to build resilience and support trauma sensitivity.