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Mindfulness - The Basis for Caring and Connecting is a Course

Mindfulness - The Basis for Caring and Connecting


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Course Instructor

Stephanie Romero, EdD

Course Description


In this introductory presentation we’ll explore the relationship between mindfulness and stress, emotions, your well-being and the impact of those on your relationship with your clients. We will investigate some of the evidence that shows how mindfulness can help improve our professional and personal lives, and see examples of how mindfulness is practiced and who is using it. Together we’ll try out some practices that can help you reconnect to inspiration and joy in your life and enhance your ability to connect with others. We’ll also provide some resources to support your integration of mindfulness into your daily schedule.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of how the stress response works in their bodies/emotional states and impacts their relationship with clients.
  • Understand & practice mindfulness-based strategies to manage their own stress response and build deeper relationships with those they serve.
  • Describe how mindfulness-based social and emotional regulation strategies can benefit themselves and their clients.