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Motivational Interviewing: Introductory & Intermediate


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Course Description


Hello and thank you for your interest in taking our Introductory & Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Course!  This is a 15 hour self-paced course that will provide you with an intermediate level of understanding the MI process and practice. We will also provide an Advanced Motivational Interviewing course once a year for you to further enhance your skills and knowledge. In addition, this activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers. If you take the Advanced course as well, you are eligible for a digital badge showcasing your knowledge and skills.  After taking this course you will be able to:

  1. Explore the history of MI and what it is NOT
  2. Identify the key components of MI
  3. Define the 4 aspects (PACE) of the MI spirit and behaviors of the spirit
  4. List and define the 4 steps of the MI processes
  5. Explore the engaging process and identify tools to use when engaging
  6. Explore the focusing process and identify tools to use when focusing
  7. Explore the evocation process and identify evocation strategies
  8. Explore the planning process and identify skills used in planning
  9. List and explain the 4 skills of MI
  10. Define each of the OARS
  11. Define the difference between change & sustain talk
  12. List the aspects of change talk and identify skills to respond to change talk
  13. Define the righting reflex and list ways to manage it
  14. Identify the evocative strategies and list strategies for further practice of evoking change talk
  15. List types of reflections. Identify use of simple vs. complex reflections
  16. Summarize the history of MI research, and read MI research article in specific area of practice
  17. Demonstrate knowledge by completing  assignments, quizzes, and evaluations
  18. Create a plan for continued MI practice