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Public Policy & Advocacy: Underutilized Assets of Social Work is a Course

Public Policy & Advocacy: Underutilized Assets of Social Work


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Khalif Ali, MSW

Course Description


Social workers have a number of tools available for use in their work ... social work models and theories are used prominently. These models and theories have been shown to be assets in many different fields of work. Two of the most underutilized tools that are available to social workers and every citizen in this country are studying the impact of policy on an “issue of concern” and advocating for changes in those policies if they act as barriers to resolving the issue of concern. This seminar will help you research the policies impacting your issues of concern and develop advocacy strategies for change in those policies.


  • A clear understanding of advocacy versus lobbying
  • The legal boundaries of philanthropy and nonprofits (advocacy and lobbying)
  • Methods for developing an effective advocacy campaign
  • Tools for evaluating advocacy