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Quick to Judge: Removing the Stigma is a Course

Quick to Judge: Removing the Stigma


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Course Instructor

Brandon Thomas, MSW, LCSW

Course Description


When persons with mental health or substance use disorders present in general health care and other community settings, they are often met with preconceived and stigmatizing interactions with front-line staff. It is important for helping professionals and front-line staff to understand the common beliefs about mental health and substance use disorder, as well as the historical, social, and perceived stigma that have real world consequence in health care and other service settings. Join us for this program which has expanded from its first introduction at the 2018 NASW-PA statewide conference.

Course Objectives

This workshop uses assessments, exercises, and a case study of the “lived-experience” that will help you to:

  1. Appreciate and understand implied and explicit biases and how those affect care and the patient
  2. Understand the most common “stigmatized” disorders and why those disorders are stigmatized
  3. Recognize the consequences of stigma by healthcare providers
  4. Acknowledge and practice compassionate and safe care interventions
  5. Recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue in the one’s self and others