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Utilizing Intersectionality in Social Work Practice is a Course

Utilizing Intersectionality in Social Work Practice


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Course Instructors

Alannah Caisey, MA & Edoukou Aka-Ezoua, LMSW

Course Description


What is intersectionality? How can social work practice benefit from engagement with the theory of intersectionality? This workshop will introduce participants to intersectionality as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary framework in understanding how interlocking oppressions at both the individual and systemic level impact the different populations we serve in social work. The format of this workshop will consist of a lecture and large group discussion on the theoretical foundations of intersectionality and how this concept can be employed as a framework within the field of social work. The second portion of this workshop will consist of application of this theoretical framework to relevant case studies in small group discussion. Relevant video clips will be utilized as needed. 

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the theoretical foundations and interdisciplinary utility of intersectional frameworks and theorizing. 
  • Discuss the ways in which intersectionality has been utilized and has the potential to be applied in social work practice. 
  • Apply intersectional framing when working with different populations in social work. 
  • Apply intersectional framing to the development of social work interventions within varied contexts.